J and B Portable Corrals is a small custom metal fabrication business in northwestern Illinois. The idea to build a lightweight portable horse corral developed from our experience with traveling to horse shows and rodeos with my daughter and her horse, Rain. The horse seemed uncomfortable after being tied to the trailer for long periods of time. She actually broke loose from the trailer twice.

We could see the need for a lightweight corral or pen that we could take along to hold the horse between riding events. So I decided to make a corral. I enjoy building things and had some experience with welding so it turned out ok. After taking it to a few shows, people asked if I could make one for them. I sold a few locally and now have decided to try selling a few more. Hopefully, we can make a little money to help pay for gas and entry fees to the rodeos and shows while providing something useful for others as well.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting our site.