Corral panels fit in tack room of trailer for easy transport.

You can also carry the panels in the truck. They fit between
the wheel wells of full size pickups.

Each panel is connected with a pin that matches the
height of the panel. The connecting pins allow
each panel to be used as a gate. This also allows the
corral to be set up in any shape that you like. For
increased stability of your corral, the pins
can be tapped into the ground.

All joints are notched and welded all the way around for
durability and strength. Each weld is finished and painted.

All open ends of tubing are finished with plastic caps.

A “pop up” shelter can be used to provide protection
from rain or sun.

This custom built corral provides a roomy space for two horses
to relax while camping in southern Illinois.

The 5’ tall by 7’ wide corral panels offer more security but are still
light enough to travel with you.